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Each month all new members and ambassadors are invited to orientation. This allows the attendees to get the most from their membership and ask all the questions they want about the Katy Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


In an informal and relaxed environment, all Chamber policies and procedures are reviewed. Especially the ones pertaining to best practices for members to follow. Contact us to register.


Members benefit because they are able to:


  • Establish relationships with other business owners.

  • Network with a group of like-minded business professionals.

  • Learn about the Chamber and how it works.

This is the general agenda followed at Orientation:


  1. Introductions

  2. General Definition of Chamber of Commerce

  3. The Role of a Chamber in the Community

  4. The Katy Hispanic Chamber

  5. Strategic Plan

  6. Member Benefits

  7. Main Events

  8. Communication Policy

  9. Code of Conduct

  10. How to Get Involved

  11. How to Volunteer

  12. How to Help the Chamber

  13. Your Next Steps


This is one of the most important meetings you can attend. If you have not gone to orientation and would like to, contact us today to sign you up for the next one.

For more information, contact us today.

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