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Upcoming Seminars

The Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer a special series of MARKETING Success Seminars. Sign up by paying your tuition.
Killer Commercials
Do you struggle to provide a good answer to the question: "What do you do?" Most business owners do... This specialized workshop focuses on providing the tools, words and scripts you need to be most effective - Guaranteed! Sign up below - Space is limited.
Next Level Networking
Do you ever ask yourself, why people say networking is such an important business activity? Perhaps you dislike showing up and trying to find buyers... you are not alone. This workshop provides a specific set of tools and behaviors you can use to maximize your time with others. Also, a special Zoom section is included. A can't miss for small business owners. Sign Up below.
Your Standout Marketing Plan
Ever wonder what steps you should be taking to grow and expand your business? Are you sometimes lost when it comes to what to do next? This seminar provides a specific road map, a template and the knowledge you need to create a successful road map. All aspects of marketing will be covered so expect some great questions - and solutions! Sign up below.
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