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Chamber Values
Our Chamber make up, daily activities and tactical decisions are based on these key values.


We believe education is the key to understanding and accepting people of all backgrounds. We offer many free presentations in English and/or Spanish, that help build bridges between cultures. They also prepare our members to achieve high competence in the multicultural market.

Community Development
Through frequent events, facilitated meetings and intentional networking, we bring together the business and local communities. With no ethnic or linguistic requirements, people enjoy each other's company and create opportunities.

We believe all residents in the areas we serve need inclusion and representation - including the businesses that form our membership. We realize the authorities do not have the knowledge and/or bandwidth to work with every person, so we help by providing them with a voice that seeks equal treatment and appropriate legislation.

American traditions are what has made us great - we seek to honor and follow traditions wherever possible. From Invocations at meetings, Pledge of Allegiance and Parades, to Beauty Pageants and community outreach. We stand with our community leadership to help make things better for everyone. 

We are a premier Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that seeks to educate all members of the communities we serve in the areas of business, leadership, and community development.

We serve as a cross-cultural bridge between business communities of different backgrounds.


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